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Caroline Santa
updated: 07/24/2013
Artwork Title
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See Through Dots
Hurdling Forward
Greater Than
Sign, Card, Label
Due to Underlying Instabilities
Double Vane
Flags Over Texts
Green Intersection with Splatter
Falling Out, But It's Not Moving
Portfolio Keywords:  portraiture, abstract, landscape, systems, meditative, process, conceptual, psychological, language, political
See Through Dots by Caroline Santa
See Through Dots
Acrylic and spray paint on tissue and newsprint
26 " x  18 " 
Fade by Caroline Santa
Gouache and Graphite on Paper
45 " x  55 " 
Back/Middle/Front by Caroline Santa
Acrylic, gouache, graphite on paper
18 " x  24 " 
Hurdling Forward by Caroline Santa
Hurdling Forward
Gouache on paper
28 " x  26 " 
Greater Than by Caroline Santa
Greater Than
Acrylic and graphite powder on paper
75 " x  55 " 
Sign, Card, Label by Caroline Santa
Sign, Card, Label
Oil, acrylic, gouache on paper
50 " x  20 " 
Ripple by Caroline Santa
Graphite powder and gouache on paper
16 " x  50 " 
Clinging by Caroline Santa
Gouache, spray paint, tape, cardboard on paper
26 " x  9 " 
Due to Underlying Instabilities by Caroline Santa
Due to Underlying Instabilities
Colored pencil and gouache on paper
24" x  18" 
untitled by Caroline Santa
Acrylic and gouache on paper
24" x  28" 
Double Vane by Caroline Santa
Double Vane
acrylic on plastic
18" x  42" 
Cover by Caroline Santa
graphite, gouache, acrylic on paper and tissue
24" x  32" 
Flags Over Texts by Caroline Santa
Flags Over Texts
Acrylic on sewn paper
18" x  14" 
Green Intersection with Splatter by Caroline Santa
Green Intersection with Splatter
Acrylic, latex on paper
28" x  42" 
Falling Out, But It's Not Moving by Caroline Santa
Falling Out, But It's Not Moving
Gouache on paper and plastic
48" x  20" 

Artist Statement


My work is recording the history of itself. All of it was once a part of something else-with a separate impetus, meaning, and context. I am the editor as remove sections that are concurrent with my evolving visual language. First, I make lots of compulsory mixed media drawings on paper. They are usually about spaces, shapes, patterns, and colors. Later, the drawings are cut, ripped, crossed out, or painted over in order to make them part of my visual language. I have piles, stacks, folders, boxes, and various tangled messes in my studio that contain my ever growing repertoire of units. These units can be arranged in a myriad of different poses and combinations. I may show them and photograph them in one context, only to try another way later. It is not unlike the way I made lists of all my articles of clothing as a teenager, and wrote out all the possible combinations to create as many outfits as possible.

I am in search of surprise. Something I was not expecting. A combination of two, three, four, or five different parts that sings, collides, clashes, or just works. It cannot be planned.

The longer I work in this way, the more important time becomes, as each unit is getting older and in turn, more full of weight and meaning. I enjoy knowing that at the moment of their making, the units were meant to be a part of a drawing or image. Until they find their place with another in a way that seems fast and random, they are remnants, tools, or materials. Change happens as I make choices and decisions.

Sometimes my pieces are hung on the wall, sometimes they are resting on the floor or sitting on tables.  They could be art or just mysterious piles of paper-this humble quality is paramount to my work. The vulnerability of paper is important to me-it’s immediacy, flexibility, and vulnerability. It’s not necessarily an art material. Paper records time through accidental marks, tears, or wrinkles. My works do not stay the same over time, as it is almost impossible to store large pieces of paper pristinely. Instead of fighting this, I embrace it.


Artist Bio / CV



2007 MFA The University of Pennsylvania 

2005 BFA The University of Delaware

Selected Exhibitions (Solo shows are marked with *)

2012 Twee Abstraction, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia

West Philly Abstraction, UCAL, Philadelphia

2011Coda, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia*

RSVP, NWAA, Wilmington, DE

Work, The Crane, Philadelphia

Faculty Show,Tyler Gallery, Philadelphia

Chain Letter, Samson, Boston 

2010Vanishing Point, UnSmoke Space, Braddock, PA

Places Everyone, Gross McCleaf, Philadelphia

Who You Know, Projects Gallery, Philadelphia

2009Future Past Imperfect, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia*

Getting Ready For Prom, Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Philadelphia

2008Untitled, Ethical Society, Philadelphia

New Faces, City Hall, Philadelphia

Erratic, 817, Philadelphia

2007Espacios Sicologicos, Lucy Tejada, Colombia*

Naked Paper, Jenny Jaskey Gallery, Philadelphia

A Verb Becomes a Noun, Flux Gallery, Philadelphia

Thesis Show, Icebox, Philadelphia

Points of Departure, Fox Gallery, Philadelphia

Member’s Show, DCCA, Wilmington, DE


2007Charles Addams Prize 

Residency: Lucy Tejada, Pereira, Colombia 

2006Piero Dorazio Award

Merit Scholarship, The University of Pennsylvania


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