6:30pm Jul 24, 2014

Critique and Conversation

There is so much you have never said to your companion.

On the occasion of the final Selections show, The Intuitionists, former Viewing Program curators Nayland Blake, Peter Drake, Nina Katchadourian, Byron Kim, and George Negroponte will engage in conversation and critique with artists from The Intuitionists. The informal meetings, open to the public and taking place simultaneously in the gallery, will include anecdotal stories conversations about the show itself and responses to the drawings on the table. The evening will provide an opportunity to reconnect with some of your favorite Viewing Program curators and meet Heather Hart and Steffani Jemison, two of the organizers behind The Intuitionists.

6:30pm Jul 31, 2014


with Colson Whitehead and Reggie Watts

That thing between you and your words.

In this performance, Colson Whitehead, author of The Intuitionist, and entertainer Reggie Watts present lively improvisational descriptions of images chosen from the Viewing Program artist registry. With Heather Hart, Steffani Jemison, and Jina Valentine.

This program occurs in conjunction with the exhibition The Intuitionists.

This event is Free.
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Weekends Jul 12, 2014 - Aug 24, 2014

The Scriptorium

A Participatory Installation

July 12-13, 19-20, 26-27
August 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24

35 Wooster Street, The Bookstore

Every weekend between July 12 and August 24, The Drawing Center will open the Scriptorium, an intimate space for the perusal of various out-of-print Drawing Center publications, including 3 x Abstraction (2005), Ocean Flowers (2004), and Alternative Art, New York, 1965-1985 (2002). Created in the spirit of the medieval scriptorium—the room in monasteries devoted to the transcription of manuscripts—this new initiative invites viewers to research, react, and draw inspiration from the institution’s rich publication history. Visitors are also encouraged to create their own "transcriptions" of Drawing Center texts, which will be scanned for archival purposes and displayed in the Scriptorium itself.