6:30pm Aug 06, 2015

Open Sessions

Reception and Performances

In August we continue to roll out Open Sessions artists' work at The Drawing Center!

On Thursday, August 6, join us for the opening of small-group show Open Sessions 4, and the second part of Name It by Trying to Name It, our whole-group exhibition. We’re celebrating with an evening of short performances, readings and lectures by eight Open Sessions artists.

FREE + no rsvp required.

Open Sessions 4 includes:
Colleen Asper & Marika Kandelaki, Matt Bua, Maurice Carlin (with Anne Gilman, Ethan Hayes-Chute, Annette Knol, Elizabeth Leister and Michael Namkung), Kerry Downey, Nicolas Dumit Estevez and Laia Sole, Maximilian Goldfarb, Brad Killam, Kamau Patton, and Lior Shvil.

New artists in Name It by Trying to Name It:
Marlon de Azambuja, Kerry Downey, Patte Loper, Laura Morrison, Ronny Quevedo, Adam Shecter, Alfred Steiner, and Arturs Virtmanis.

Performances by Colleen Asper & Marika Kandelaki, Lauren Bakst, Matt Bua, Maurice Carlin (via livestream), Dan Lichtman, Laura Morrison, and Sarada Rauch.

6:30pm Aug 20, 2015

Open Sessions

Open Sessions artists will meet in the gallery for a conversation, open to the public, about their ongoing work at The Drawing Center, focusing on drawing as a catalyst in forming new relationships between the works in the exhibition.